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Eyebrow Miracle was the first threading location to open up in 2007, in Maryland, for our customers, convenience we are opening at the mall so anytime walk ins is well come. With our highly trained cosmetologists, technicians are professional and well trained give you best consult about what kinds of arch is looks great with your facial structure and or make your eyebrow as you want with great looks so ever our costumer satisfaction is being our success to expand more locations with great facilities and services. 

Our company is really emphasized about our each customer satisfaction, sanitary which is fully match with human health department as directed. 

Now most of the customers do not want to use any chemical to remove hair because chemical and hot wax may damage, wrinkle skin and may brings more side effect which may cost lot to care so, threading is 100% chemical free we just use cotton thread to grab even ingrown hair with great technique and trained, highly sanitize environment for each customer so our award is our repeat customer.

We maintain Mall hour please which mall you willing to get your eyebrow done let us know calling our toll free number 1-888-722-1409 or you can use our contact us menu or e-mail well come.

At first time Once we lunched this great technique to remove hair had very hard time to get our customer to give its benefit because first time when we see doing threading with cotton thread it looks so wired and hard to believe it, and once we convinced them with service then “they said thank you so much we never use any chemical to get our eyebrow done……I will be back I love it and tell my friends and families about Eyebrow Threading…”Our hope and continuous efforts is going on and now very easy to have Clint because most of them know the miracle of Eyebrow threading with cotton thread.
We always bring new technique for our service. For any questions, please feel free to contact us we are Know as Brow Spa 24 too.